Storytek Meetup: Newest trends in online marketing

Are you ready to discover newest trends in app- and online marketing? Want to learn all about essential do’s and don’ts of successful businesses?

Join us Monday, 23rd of April from 6 PM to 8 PMv at Storytek’s Creative Hub, Parda 6, 4th floor for an inspiring meetup with marketing strategist wizard Nick Duddy, founder @Miratrix.

Nick Duddy runs a Search and App Marketing agency based in London. Miratrix’s clients have included CurrencyFair, PaddyPower, JustEat and Ubuntu; work that has helped Miratrix earn the accolades of Top App Marketing Agency 2017 and Top App Store Optimisation Agency 2018…not mention Nick’s personal nomination for App Marketer of the Year 2017.

While making big data-driven decisions for some of the worlds largest businesses, Nick has seen the impact of machine learning on marketing success. This has led him to think… ‘could the bots be better for the job than us humans?!’.
He is now on a quest to show start-ups and established companies how to build automation into their business, getting ahead of the curve and sharing his knowledge on how to become a Master of Learning Machines.

Read more about our mentors here.

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Storytek Meetup: Stories to immersive experiences and beyond

Want to know what’s hot in Virtual Reality, Artificial Reality and immersive media from groundbreaking storytelling, games, visualizations to building jaw-dropping experiences for world’s leading theme parks?

Join us Tuesday, 10th of April from 6PM to 8PM at Storytek’s Creative Hub, Parda 6, 4th floor for a one of a kind night with experience designer par excellence – Kathleen Cohen from @TheCollaboratorium.

About the speaker:

Kathleen Cohen is a Senior Digital Media Strategist, she’s had a long and illustrious career developing multi-platform products for companies like DreamWorks, IBM, and Disney. Her focus is on building innovative and integrated customer experiences. She uses storytelling, data, and creative thinking, and is the founder of The Collaboratorium, Inc: a think tank and a digital production consortium. Kathleen is a data futurist, building on creative ideation, providing leadership, highlighting open source, shepherding data decision-making, and inspiring social innovation.

She is everything we love @Storytek and more.

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Storytek x Spotify: Future of audiovisual media & TV

Music and audio are in the air and Storytek has another true treat for you as an appetizer for TWM!

This time Storytek will host an executive from one of the digital world’s heavyweights – SPOTIFY – which just about to announce its strategy for visual storytelling and content as well. Why and how you will get to know through our amazing speaker.

Join us this Thursday, from 6PM to 8PM at Storytek’s Creative Hub, Parda 6,4th floor for an inspiring night with JIM FRAENKEL – Head of Original Video Series at Spotify on the future TV media, entertainment media and audiovisual media consumption

JIM FRAENKEL is a media executive with extensive experience in broadcast and digital platforms with expertise in news, documentary, reality and live broadcasting. Mr. Fraenkel is currently the Head of the Original Video Series at Spotify. He has been involved in media and broadcasting since 1993 and has been a producer on a broad range of news, reality and live television shows. Mr. Fraenkel possesses extensive knowledge of producing reality television shows and live productions such as The X Factor and Viacom.  Jim Fraenkel is a true testament to growing with technology and broadcasting, which has evolved rapidly since he first entered the business in 1993. Through his grit, he has been able to adapt to the ever-evolving technologies and methods of broadcasting in the United States. From producing MTV News to his work on reality television and talent shows, Mr. Fraenkel is able to capture the world around him through the lens of a camera.  

The meetup is kindly supported by the US Embassy in Tallinn and the American Film Showcase

We’re looking forward to you seeing you on Thursday for an exciting night on future of music and audiovisual media at Storytek and make #futureofcontent happen together!

Storytek Team

Storytek Cohort Two Week 3 – Business models & pitching

We are 3 weeks into our program and we adjusted to the needs of our Cohort Two to speed up their progress.


This week our resident mentor Kristen Davis(@krisdavis10) is back in the hub – in teams agenda is business model development and pitching.

Kristen Davis is the founder and CEO of CinqC. It provides expertise in strategy, adapting and integrating new technologies & techniques to start-ups and established organisations. Kristen created CinqC after 20-years of disruption and innovation in international media groups, notably the New York Times.

Our second mentor this week is Marek Mählberg(@marekmuhlberg) from Estonia. Marek has worked with more than 300 early-stage startups and managed a portfolio of 30 tech companies across three verticals (ICT, health-tech, clean-teach). He has been an avid mentor for many successful businesses both locally and internationally.

Last but not least we can’t wait for our teams to meet Mike Bradshaw(@ymb) – the head coach at Startup Sauna. His LinkedIn description says it all – “Mike is often found coaching early stage start-ups and entrepreneurs in the of pitching. The one true way to annoy Mike is to read “bullet point” slides (as bullet point slides are a crime against Humanity).”

Maarja from our Storytek team likes to add that Mike is a mentor who says it to you straight and whose honesty can make people cry. We expect cohort two to rise to the occasion and if there are tears, they are of accomplishments and growth.

Let’s get this week started!


Storytek_ Accelerator, launched in September 2017 brings together deep audiovisual sector knowledge, technology and funding with a selection of hand-picked tech entrepreneurs and content creators. The purpose of Storytek_ is to help creatives, producers, and early-stage companies to develop business, fast-track their content, products, and services to the global markets and access finances. The strategic partners of Storytek are Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF), Elisa Eesti and Price Waterhouse Coopers Baltics.


Storytek has just kicked off with its second cohort and as per usual we have some pretty awesome mentors in the house and we definitely don’t want to keep them all just to ourselves. So you’re welcome to join us on 27th of March for an evening of discussions around the latest trends and do’s & don’ts in design, UX and product management, led by Julius Talvik and Thomas Adams from Alphaforms.

Meetup takes place 27th March 2018, 17.30-21.00 @Storytek Hub, Parda 6, 4th floor. FB:

Julius Talvik

Julius is an experienced design executive with a demonstrated history of working as an innovator in the internet, retail, hospitality, and health & beauty industries. Strong product management professional skilled in branding and identity design, packaging and product design, environmental design, and digital product design and development. Julius is the founder of Alphaforms agency, which helps entrepreneurs and organizations ideate and prototype their dream physical, environmental, or digital product experience. Prior to that, he was the Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Unison Agency where he oversaw the general design and UX/UI practices and developed the strategic direction of the business and high-level design solutions for the clients.

– Thomas Adams

Prior to Alphaforms, Thomas worked as a senior designer at REQ and a designer at Unison where he was exposed to a variety of design challenges from brand to product to environmental to user interface design.

He has extensive experience in the CPG and beauty and personal care industry devising unique packaging solutions for a wide variety of brands and applications from plastics to glass to metal and cartons to molded pulp forms. Thomas’s other projects included designed food products, housewares, furniture, lighting, ceramics, and outdoor goods.

A graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art with a BFA in industrial design, Thomas has also lectured in 3D design at the art department at Harding University.

Storytek Cohort Two Week 1 – Business Models and Planning


Storytek Cohort Two started its 10-week journey with our wonderful mentors Ola Müller, Kristen Davis, Guido van Nispen and Calum Cameron. We are covering topics from product development to business models to polishing pitching skills. Learn more about our mentors here.


Storytek and B3 Biennale host Images of Desire gallery in Tallinn

From 29 January to 11 February, the Storytek x B3 Salon will turn Storytek’s Creative hub into a popup gallery under the theme “Images of Desire” showcasing a selection of works of internationally acclaimed media artists curated by the B3 Biennal, Frankfurt.

The program will feature three works from globally exhibited artists Federico Solmi (Italy, US), Ann Oren (Israel, Germany) and Carlos Aires (Spain) exploring through digital arts the contemporary politics in the US, police, and surveillance of society, and idols and fandom in present-day Japan. The pop up gallery is open daily at Storytek’s Creative Hub, Parda 6, 4th floor, Tallinn.

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Cohort 2 – Apply now!

Storytek is a mentor-driven accelerator fully focusing on audiovisual sector, where deep knowledge of the global film and creative industry mixes with top-notch technology competence.

Storytek Accelerator is now accepting applications from creative and media/film-tech entrepreneurs wishing to participate in the 10-week accelerator program starting in March and ending in late May. Up to 10 companies will be chosen to attend the program, from there a handful of the best teams will get an opportunity to become a part of the Storytek residency program.

According to Sten Saluveer, head of Storytek, we are looking forward to receiving applications from companies that are active in the fields of film, content, music, games, or media, and take advantage of new technology opportunities. Preferred are those who already have a team and a clear vision for exporting their products and services.

“In working with the Storytek accelerator and the teams involved, Elisa’s looking to contribute to innovation in the entertainment industry not just in Estonia, but in Europe as a whole,” explained Elisa’s New Services Manager Kertu Kriisk when asked about the company’s expectations in regard to the second round of Storytek applications. “We’re hoping the candidates come up with ideas we haven’t seen before that really shake things up, in a good way – ideas we can work with the teams to market and bring to clients. As an entertainment and telecommunications company, we have what it takes to introduce new solutions to large target groups in a short space of time and, with the help of our partners, to expand to foreign markets as well.”

The first cohort of Storytek saw 7 projects and 27 mentors taking part, among the mentors were recognised experts from around the world: Laura Anne Edwards (TED Resident, Google Labs, NASA, USA), Michael Favelle (Odin’s Eye Entertainment, Australia), John Heinsen (WatchMojo; USA); Guido Van Nispen (Raad Von Culture; USA); South Korea); Julius Talvik (Alphaform; USA); and Ola Möller (Hyper Island).

Storytek is designed for companies engaged in digital entertainment formats, intellectual property and technology development, VR/AR, e-sports, data and algorithm development.  It’s a 10 week intensive, tailor-made boot camp in Tallinn. Participating companies will graduate with an in-depth assessment of their project, custom tools, and a strategic roadmap. 

To participate, you need to fill out the application form.

Deadline to apply, 9 February – program starts on 17 March. 

Co-working space @Storytek_

Co-working space @Storytek_



  • Personal desk
  • Access 24/7
  • WIFI
  • Big kitchen area
  • Free coffee/tea
  • Open events & seminars
  • Printer/scanner
  • Presentation equipment
  • 5 min from the city centre
  • 2 different meeting rooms (8 and 25 people)
The first Storytek cohort has graduated

The first Storytek cohort has graduated

Storytek Forum saw the first cohort of Storytek Accelerator projects presented – six exciting media/tech startups that offer new solutions to music copyright earnings, audience development and much more.

Storytek is an accelerator with global reach for creative industries startups. The first group of residents spent 10 weeks in Tallinn developing their projects, with mentor support from international leaders in tech, innovation, design, finance, legal affairs and other areas.

On the 29th of November, as part of the Storytek Forum conference, the projects were presented to an international panel and audience. 

They are:

CUES (UK) – an analytics tool that connects films with the right audiences, backed by Creative Europe and winner of the Canon Innovation / Propellor Award at Rotterdam Film Festival in 2017.

VFC (Canada) – a genre feature film about melophobia (fear of music) with an interactive neurotech experience. VFC brings brain-computer interface storytelling to the big screen and makes data science relatable, engaging and personal.

MaNaBu (Croatia) – a fun cartoon that educates kids on global problems with the help of the adorable characters Ma, Na and Bu who go on a world-changing adventure. It comes in a short and flexible format, speaks only visually and has no language barriers.

FANVESTORY (Estonia) – a marketplace for music copyright that allows everyone to be part of the artists’ careers and earn copyright royalties together with them. This is a new level in artist and fan relationship, that has real financial benefits for both sides.

The Club of Different Rooms (Estonia) – a unique set of rooms for cultural events and formal meetings. It is equipped with an extensive multimedia system including top presentation technology, a green-screen studio, concert-worthy sound equipment and interactive solutions.

GoShareWork (Estonia) – a web platform connecting vocational school students with homeowners who needs something done in their household.

Check out the gallery here.

The next call for projects will open in the coming weeks. Stay tuned via following our website or Facebook page.

Storytek Forum was supported by: Elisa, Goethe Institute, PWC, Black Nights Film festival and the European Regional Development Fund.