Get to know the Storytekkers

Our team reflects the vision of Storytek of bringing creatives and tech entrepreneurs together into an interdisciplinary innovation and growth setting. We have a mix of backgrounds from media innovation, strategic tech and B2B development, finance, and public grants management, to acceleration, personal coaching, and digital marketing.

Sten Saluveer
CEO, Founder

Sten has 20 years of experience in production, distribution and media and tech integration in Europe and Asia. He has run Plektrum Festival – a festival of electronic arts & subcultures, managed the Black Nights Industry Office, curated audiovisual industry initiatives for the European Commission, and focuses how to bring creative tech, and finance together.

Triin Mahlakõiv
Accelerator COO

Triin is experienced Business strategist & entrepreneur that translates ideas into tangible results. She has worked previously on e-health, managed growth for Tallinn Tech University Science Park Tehnopol, and is one of the spearheads of regional Data & AI flagship conference North Star AI.

Leana Jalukse

Leana is an acclaimed screenwriter but has long experience in managing finances in public-private partnership projects in creative industries. Most recently she managed government support & financing for the Estonian Film Cluster of some 33 film and content companies.

Indrek Põldvee

Indrek has gone through  2 accelerators: Startup Wise Guys and Techstars in London. With his experience, he has a good overview of how life in a startup works and how to make use of an accelerator. He is focusing on community building and helping teams to navigate in the beginning and pushing them to sell more.

Anniken Haldna
Marketing & Growth

Anniken is a filmmaker turned to content marketer with a passion for global stories and technology. Her experience ranges from directing documentaries to educating future film-makers in Asia.