Summer is in Tallinn and it’s time to fresh your body and brain! Storytek  is happy to present a one of a kind afternoon with Hong Kong-based entrepreneur and innovator TONY VERB  at STORYTEK X GREATER SALON TALLINN.
Tony is a serial entrepreneur, urban innovator, venture capitalist, and film producer, based in Hong Kong, originally from Hungary. His most recent venture is The GreaterBay Company, an integrated investment and consulting firm, specialised on modern urban development and smart cities.
Tony is an IWC Pioneer and a proud member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers community and Vice Chairman for the Greater Bay Area of the Investment Committee of the Smart City Consortium in Hong Kong and founding committee co-chair of the Fintech Association of Hong Kong.
Join us for an afternoon of food, drinks and great conversations on global communities, future leadership, cryptocurrencies and decentralized networks for people. Register today as the event is open to only 30 participants!
Places are limited. Sign up HERE.
The Greater Series is being organized in the major hubs around the world, as a casual, but a closed door, invite-only evening, dedicated to open discussions, connecting globally-minded people.
Over the event, we will not only present a new approach to connect people around ideas, projects, and values through blockchain but will invite you to build it together. As this is a truly decentralized platform, we build it accordingly from the ground up, with people that are relevant and are ready to contribute. We will also introduce CivX, a great example of a platform within the platform, uniting domain experts in each city to work.
** Bring:
– 1 type of food
– your best attitude
– a good sense of humor
Our recent initiative is at the intersection of WEF, TED, Singularity University, the startup world and Burning Man and we’ve designed it for people that are ready to connect across borders and communities to make a difference in the world. People like your co-host Sten-Kristian Saluveer and Tony Á. Verb, founder of the Greater Series.
After launching in Hong Kong with Gary Vaynerchuk in 2017, discussing the future of cities, humans and how people will connect to create greater value, we’ve been witnessing some impressive ripple effects of the conversation. As a consequence, The Greater Team committed to spreading this idea further and have hosted similar dinners from San Francisco, to Singapore and from Manila to Astana. In some cities like Shanghai and Hong Kong, it is now a regular event.
The Salon has the theme of G360, because
– it starts with one big circle, with everyone’s introduction
– it brings different circles together
– everyone participates
– everyone is equal
– it lasts 3×60 minutes
– it’s a subtle antithesis of G8
We take inspiration from Burning Man’s principles and we’ve added one of our own that we deem the most important:
1. Gifting
2. Radical Participation
3. Communal Effort
4. Radical Self-Expression
5. Immediacy
Be reminded: the format includes a POTLUCK DINNER – you are expected to contribute a dish of any kind!
Enough said!
If you are intrigued and free to attend, sign up here immediately as spaces are limited to 30 people and get ready to have a great evening with great people from all walks of life.
See you all very soon,
Storytek x Tony & The Greater Team

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