Money. Want to scale your idea? You need to raise money. Want to realize your vision? You need to raise money. Pitching to prospective investors or partners? You need to show how you’ll make money.
The skills required for raising money in a way that makes sense in the content business are often hard to find. We’ve brought three experts to Tallinn, to talk about financing and scaling within different content sectors. And to maybe share a hack or two about public and VC financing, if we ask nicely.
To learn what makes money stick to ideas, this is the place to be.
Ilann Girard is a multi-awarded film producer specializing in independent quality feature films and documentaries with a strong market positioning (over $500 million box office generated over the last 12 years). He’s advising talents and creative entrepreneurs who want to become producers. To assist in developing and financing projects, he’s developed a consulting practice for film producers and financiers. Ilann is the CEO and founding partner of Online Film Financing – the largest database about public funding used by more than 20 000 professionals.
Evan Rudowski’s career spans three decades of digital media across two continents. A former managing director of Excite Europe he oversaw operations and joint ventures in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. He was one of the early employees of at its Silicon Valley headquarters. In the 1990s he worked on digital initiatives at News Corporation and Newsday in New York. He also co-founded SubHub, a leading membership website platform. Now he’s working with Atlantic Leap, that he also founded. Evan is a long-time member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and a graduate of the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU.
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