The Pioneers. The very first batch of our Storyteknauts has been busy at work for the past 10 weeks. And now it’s time to showcase what they’ve achieved with Storytek. (And unveil their future world domination plans.)
CUES: Hailing from the United Kingdom, Cues is a project by British company The Polkadot Factory. A team of four, they’ve set out to be matchmakers between audiences and films, and providing data intelligence for distributors. Their resume includes BAFTA-nominated producer credits, studio business expertise, and hands-on experience from creators and creatives.
VFC: Canadian La maison de prod’s feature film, starring a female neuroscientist, comes complete with a companion neurotech interactive application. In VFC they bring together entertainment with science with the help of EEG headset, and provide a glimpse into the brain’s emotional response to the film and its soundtrack. Developed by a team of two, they’re bringing interactive storytelling to the big screen, and make data science relatable, intimate, and personal.
MANABU: A pivot from the Croatian Amulet Studio, creators of &Black&White, MaNaBu is a fun cartoon that educates kids on big global problems. It comes in a short and flexible format, speaks only visually and has no language barriers. The adorable characters Ma, Na and Bu will go on a world-changing adventure. The founders/producers gathered an experienced 6-member team to bring their black-and-white vision to life, and challenge traditional media roles and how audiences perceive content.
FANVESTORY: An innovative platform that allows music fans to buy a piece of music and be entitled to its future royalties and support the careers of the artists they believe in. Artists share part of their future royalties with their fans and receive money up-front (which would typically take a couple of years), while also increasing their promotional power.
THE CLUB OF DIFFERENT ROOMS: A unique set of rooms for cultural events and formal meetings, both public and private. In 2013 a renowned experimental performance group called Cabaret Rhizome released its audience of the traditional theatre style seating, filled a room with living room furniture, screens, studios and interactive tools to engage its audience in a new kind of collective ritual. Out of this experiment was born the Club of Different Rooms. The artistically purposed creations of Cabaret Rhizome continue to influence and further develop the club and its technical possibilities.
GOSHAREWORK: GoShareWork is a person-to-person work-sharing platform by GTM – Global Technology Makers. If there is something to be done in your household, GoShareWork leads you to the right person (who has the know-how and will solve your task). GoShareWork targets mainly vocational school students and homeowners.
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