What makes Storytek Forum special, aside from the demo session with our pioneeer Storyteknauts, is the speaker lineup.

These experts are the best of the best from all of the content industries. We’re beyond happy to have them share their knowledge and experiences with us – and you.

Get your tickets while you can, and we’ll see you in Tallinn!

Storytek Forum 2017 Schedule & Tickets

The Speakers

David Kwok Storytek Forum 2017

David Kwok, who started in the film festival world, serving as the Director of Programming for the first ten editions of the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. He led the selection of the film slate and supported the organization’s other business and international ventures. After a move to Berlin, Germany, David transitioned to programming content for linear television, OTT platforms, and distribution through third-party Video-on-Demand services in multiple regions. He has consulted for various media companies and film festivals including ZDF Enterprises and Camerimage.

David will be part of our ‘Future Content Models‘ panel.

Eric B. Stein, a leading industry professional in the new media distribution space, with long term experience in licensing, programming, business development and strategy. Throughout his career Eric has worked with established content producers and distributors, playing an integral role in the transformation from traditional content distribution into the vast avenues of the new technology platforms. Eric has held positions in small startups as well as major tech companies and studios such as HP and Warner Bros, and he has expertise and experience both sides of the negotiation table, licensing music, film and TV rights in digital distribution platforms ranging from cable, satellite, OTT, broadband, Consoles, mobile, hotels, etc. Currently Eric is Founder of Impact Global Media a consulting company focused on creation and execution of digital strategy for content, technology and distribution companies navigating the digital transition.

Eric will be speaking on the ‘Future Content Models‘ panel.

Kathleen Cohen Storytek Forum 2017

Kathleen Cohen is a Senior Digital Media Strategist, she’s had a long and illustrious career developing multi-platform products for companies like DreamWorks, IBM, and Disney. Her focus is on building innovative and integrated customer experiences. She uses storytelling, data, and creative thinking, and is the founder of The Collaboratorium, Inc: a think tank and a digital production consortium. The Collaboratiorum provides clients with measurable and engaging integrated experiences. Kathleen is a data futurist, building on creative ideation, providing leadership, highlighting open source, shepherding data decision-making, and inspiring social innovation.

Kathleen will share her expertise on the ‘Future Content Models‘ panel.

Kristen Davis is the founder and CEO of CinqC, which she created after 20-years of disruption and innovation in international media groups, notably the New York Times, where she gained experience, learned agility and resilience, and established a global network of innovation experts.

Kristen is a mentor at Storytek, and will be moderating the ‘Future Content Models‘ panel, and hosting a Q&A afterwards.

Marjo Kukkonen Storytek Forum 2017

Marjo Kukkonen is the Head of Technology France at Kindred Group (formerly Unibet). She’s responsible for the technology department that develops and maintains Unibet.fr, the biggest online gaming site in France. Marjo is a true digitalisation professional, with 9 years background in IT-enabled business development and experienc in running development teams in several European countries.

Marjo will be the speaker at the ‘Intersection of Content and Technology‘ panel.

Laura Anne Edwards is an expert in innovative content strategies. She has a particular interest and focus on forming ecosystems through educational outreach and global partnerships. Laura is a TED resident, and has previosuly worked with Google Labs and the NASA Datanaut program.

Laura is a mentor at Storytek, and will be hosting a Q&A on SheTech after the ‘Intersection of Content and Technology‘ panel.

Charles Lei Storytek Forum 2017

Charles Lei, founder and CEO of Thunder Communications International (TCI), brings more than two decades of entertainment industry experience to the conversation. He’s a seasoned entrepreneurial executive, having successfully structured, negotiated, and executed business strategies for major US studios including Fox, Disney and NBC Universal. He’s also a feature film and TV programming producer, specializing in international co-productions with China.

Charles will be speaking on the ‘Big scale IP business‘ panel.

Sarah Penna Storytek Forum 2017

Sarah Penna is the former Head of Awestruck: a network and lifestyle brand focused on millennial moms, launched in 2015. She was responsible for creating and launching the division, identifying talent to sign to the multi-channel network, and collaborating on programming for various platforms including YouTube, FB, and Go90. Under her supervision the MCN reached over 60 million monthly views with a combination of celebrity and digital native talent. Before Awestruck, Sarah was the Co-Founder of Big Frame, the first digital-only talent management firm. She helped to establish Big Frame as an industry leader,  signing 300 talent with a combined 70+ million YouTube subscribers and 200+ million total social media reach. Big Frame  was dubbed CAA for the digital set” and was acquired by AwesomenessTV in April 2014. Sarah is now in the process of starting a new digital media company.

Sarah will be part of the ‘Big scale IP business‘ panel.

Ilann Girard is a multi-awarded film producer specializing in independent quality feature films and documentaries with a strong market positioning (over $500 million box office generated over the last 12 years). He’s advising talents and creative entrepreneurs who want to become producers. In order to assist in developing and financing projects, he’s developed a consulting practice for film producers and financiers. Ilann is the CEO and founding partner of Online Film Financing the largest database about public funding used by more than 20 000 professionals.

Ilann will be speaking at the ‘Investor and Financier Roundtable‘.

Evan Rudowski Storytek Forum 2017

Evan Rudowski’s career spans three decades of digital media across two continents. A former managing director of Excite Europe he oversaw operations and joint ventures in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. He was one of the early employees of Excite.com at its Silicon Valley headquarters. In the 1990s he worked on digital initiatives at News Corporation and Newsday in New York. He also co-founded SubHub, a leading membership website platform. Now he’s working with Atlantic Leap, that he also founded. Evan is a long-time member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, and a graduate of the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU.

You can meet Evan at the ‘Investor and Financier Roundtable‘. (And during the networking between and after sessions.)


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