Storytek’s first batch is halfway through the programme and we’re focusing on data, AI and cybersecurity on our 5th week. As we have some pretty awesome people mentoring the teams then we don’t want to keep them just to ourselves. So you’re all very welcome to come and join us in our new Storytek Hub for an evening of all things cybersecurity, data and AI, courtesy of Guy-Philippe Goldstein and Yosi Taguri. And who knows – Guy might *just* carry out a cyberwar simulation too! 

Guy-Philippe Goldstein is a management consultant and an analyst of cyber warfare. His acclaimed novel, Babel Minute Zero, is a forward-thinking look at the role of cyberwar in global geopolitics. He has given talks at TEDx Paris and was a keynote speaker at Tel Aviv University’s cyber-warfare conference. 

Yosi Taguri is the co-founder and CEO at Missing Link AI. For the past 25 years he has developed software on a wide range of technologies and devices. He is a frequent speaker on several events ranging from Marketing to Technical conferences. In addition to talking about understanding AI, Yosi talks about failures and how to deal with setbacks.