Meet the #futureofcontent mentors

Building your creative project or startup global takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. And exactly for that our 50+ mentors include global leaders from across the board in the content, media, and tech verticals –  venture capital & investments, adtech & madtech, branding, design thinking & UX, multiplatform production, content delivery & monetization, VR & AR, post-production, audio & music tech, telcos, pitching & presentation, product development & much more.

At Storytek they help you to ideate, test, fail, ideate again and take it to the world and find the right targets and partners for your growth.

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Guido Van Nispen
CEO @ Vannispen Management
Kristen Davis
Founder & CEO @ CinqC
John Heinsen
Bunnygraph Entertainment; USA
Ola Möller
Designer and founder @ Methodkit
Dirk Hofmann
Managing Partner and Co-Founder DAIN Studios
Colin Brown
Managing Partner of International Operations for MAD Solutions
Nick Duddy
Founder of Miratrix
Kathleen Cohen
Senior Digital Media Strategist @Collaboratorium
Julius Talvik
Founder @Alphaforms
Thomas Adams
Designer @Alphaforms
Kaili Kleemeier
Founder of Deekit
Michael Favalle
CEO @Odin's Eye Entertainment
Senior Analyst, Cyber desk at Wikistrat
Director of Strategic Business Development @ARRI
Laura Anne Edwards
Datanaut @NASA / Resident @TED
Attorney in IP/IT @PwC Legal Baltics
CEO @Missing Link AI
Åsa Garnert
Senior Communications Consultant
Marek Mühlberg
Entrepreneur, Innovation Executive
Kertu Kiisk
Head of New services @Elisa