CEO @ Vannispen Management

Guido is an expert in governance, strategic advisory, venturing and investments. He was the CEO of ANP, the largest independent B2B news and information supplier to all Dutch media and organisations in public and private sectors. At ANP Guido created one of the most efficient news agencies and increased digitalisation and entry in to the SaaS-based BtB market of news and information management.
Guido has held several executive and director positions, in different European countries both in general and venture management and consulting among other with BT.


Founder & CEO @ CinqC

Kristen Davis is the founder and CEO of CinqC, which provides expertise in strategy, adapting and integrating new technologies & techniques to start-ups and established organisations. Kristen created CinqC after 20-years of disruption and innovation in international media groups, notably the New York Times, where she gained experience, learned agility and resilience, and established a global network of innovation experts.


Bunnygraph Entertainment; USA

John Heinsen is a LA-based producer who navigates the convergence of media across all platforms. After a three-year run as Transmedia Producer / Showrunner for the Academy Awards (, John focuses on the development of a range of TV, film, and emerging media projects in both the US and around the world. He is currently in pre-production on the WWI documentary film and transmedia experience, RETURN TO LE CATEAU. In 2017, John was tapped as Executive Director of Development for WatchMojo Studios, the newly launched scripted arm of the Top 10 YouTube Channel with 9 Billion Video Views.


Designer and founder @ Methodkit

Ola Möller is a Swedish designer, author and encyclopedist who created and has maintained the MethodKit Encyclopedia since 2012. MethodKit is a visual encyclopedia and a collection of 25 decks of cards.


Datanaut @NASA / Resident @TED

Laura is an expert in content and innovation strategy, with particular emphasis on ecosystems and effective educational outreach and global partnerships. She is a resident at TED Conferences and has Google Labs and NASA background too.


Director of Strategic Business Development @ARRI

Wolf is responsible for all the digital innovation processes at ARRI Media, Germany’s biggest company for post-production.


CEO @ Missing Link AI

Yosi Taguri is the co-founder and CEO at Missing Link AI. For the past 25 years he has developed software on a wide range of technologies and devices. He is a frequent speaker on several events ranging from Marketing to Technical conferences. In addition to talking about understanding AI, Yosi talks about failures and how to deal with setbacks.


Managing Partner and Co-Founder DAIN Studios

Dirk is one of the three Founders and Managing partner of DAIN Studios. DAIN stands for Digital, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Insights providing data consultancy, execution, and product development. Dirk is a veteran in the consumer electronics industry having acted in various product, marketing, and strategy roles at Siemens, BenQ, Nokia, and Deutsche Telekom. He has implemented corporate-wide, customer-centric innovation, big data and analytics programs including world-wide customer panels, Think Tanks and Trend Scouting Networks. 


Senior Analyst, Cyber desk at Wikistrat

Guy-Philippe Goldstein is a management consultant and an analyst of cyber warfare. His acclaimed novel, Babel Minute Zero, is a forward-thinking look at the role of cyberwar in global geopolitics. He has given talks at TEDx Paris and was a keynote speaker at Tel Aviv University’s cyber-warfare conference.


Attorney in IP/IT @PwC Legal Baltics

Pirjo is an associate at PwC Legal. She is specialized in solving intellectual property and IT law matters. Pirjo is consulting technology sector companies on a daily basis.  


Founder @Alphaform

Julius is an experienced design executive with a demonstrated history of working as an innovator in the internet, retail, hospitality, and health & beauty industries. Strong product management professional skilled in branding and identity design, packaging and product design, environmental design, and digital product design and development.


CEO @ Odin's Eye Entertainment

Michael’s company Odin’s Eye is dedicated to distributing and producing high quality independent feature films, documentaries and television series with a focus on multi-platform, high concept programming with mainstream and franchise appeal.


Creative Partner @Hmmm Studios