Gamified on-site management software for large temporary teams and event volunteers (festivals, public and sports events)
Zelos helps to distribute tasks to people scattered around the location site and successfully delegate marketing and content sharing to a large group of followers.
It includes gamification strategies to motivate and reward teams and individuals and is easily scalable for all team sizes from 50 to 50 000.


The aim of Cosmos VR is to bring the Overview Effect to the masses through Virtual Reality. The team has set out to recreate a model of the Earth that is 100% real and won’t feature any borders or names. Viewers will be transported into a master shot of the Earth without the possibility of moving or looking at their bodies. Specific sound design will prevent them from hearing anything apart from the cosmic void. Only silence.


Metatron is developing an automated metadata generation platform to help film and video archives solve a metadata creation problem with flexible, high performance convolutional neural networks for image classification. Content-based video retrieval is getting more attention as the volume of digital video grows dramatically, thus creating a need for more comprehensive metadata and the currently used metadata schema in Film Heritage Institutions does not allow content-based search.


Contextmedia is a digitalized service platform for content customers. Contextmedia has an unique approach enabling cost effective content production and well targeted message delivery in the same self-service online system. Contextmedia links multiple platforms connecting customers with freelance creative staff and compiles a distribution network delivering message to desired target audiences with maximum efficiency. Contextmedia app is a necessary tool for every content customer in need to be heard in diversified post-truth & alternative facts information environment.


Cinuru Research collects and analyzes data from their cinema loyalty app Cinuru, enabling cinemas and distributors to understand, reach, and retain moviegoers. Independent cinemas are provided with a customer relationship management system. Distributors get a way to target audiences online by moviegoing behaviour.