A story about artists in the age of new media. An artist promotion platform disguised as a TV Show.
La Boheme is created by Velvet Icons Productions


Real time audience interaction for TV. Clappy is bridging Live TV with Digital by providing TV shows functionality to interact with their audience in real-time.


Interactive VR series constructed on the journalist role in war conflicts based on real events. Inside VR user has to make the toughest decision of conflict journalism – to film the actions of aggressors or to help wounded peaceful protestors.


KOSMA is a professional software for controlling film production finances for indies to Hollywood products.


Digital scouting platform powered by AI. An easy way to discover new model talent.



Gamified on-site management software for large temporary teams and event volunteers (festivals, public and sports events)
Zelos helps to distribute tasks to people scattered around the location site and successfully delegate marketing and content sharing to a large group of followers.
It includes gamification strategies to motivate and reward teams and individuals and is easily scalable for all team sizes from 50 to 50 000.


The aim of Cosmos VR is to bring the Overview Effect to the masses through Virtual Reality. The team has set out to recreate a model of the Earth that is 100% real and won’t feature any borders or names. Viewers will be transported into a master shot of the Earth without the possibility of moving or looking at their bodies. Specific sound design will prevent them from hearing anything apart from the cosmic void. Only silence.


Metatron is developing an automated metadata generation platform to help film and video archives solve a metadata creation problem with flexible, high performance convolutional neural networks for image classification. Content-based video retrieval is getting more attention as the volume of digital video grows dramatically, thus creating a need for more comprehensive metadata and the currently used metadata schema in Film Heritage Institutions does not allow content-based search.


Contextmedia is a digitalized service platform for content customers. Contextmedia has an unique approach enabling cost effective content production and well targeted message delivery in the same self-service online system. Contextmedia links multiple platforms connecting customers with freelance creative staff and compiles a distribution network delivering message to desired target audiences with maximum efficiency. Contextmedia app is a necessary tool for every content customer in need to be heard in diversified post-truth & alternative facts information environment.


Cinuru Research collects and analyzes data from their cinema loyalty app Cinuru, enabling cinemas and distributors to understand, reach, and retain moviegoers. Independent cinemas are provided with a customer relationship management system. Distributors get a way to target audiences online by moviegoing behaviour.



Hailing from the United Kingdom, Cues is a project by British company The Polkadot Factory. A team of four, they’ve set out to be matchmakers between audiences and films, and providing data intelligence for distributors.

Their resume includes BAFTA nominated producer credits, studio business expertise, and hands-on experience from creators and creatives.


Canadian La maison de prod’s feature film, starring a female neuroscientist, comes complete with a companion neurotech interactive application. In VFC they bring together entertainment with science with the help of EEG headset, and provide a glimpse into the brain’s emotional response to the film and its soundtrack.

Developed by a team of two, they’re bringing interactive storytelling to the big screen, and make data science relatable, intimate, and personal.



A true cross-media project from the Croatian Amulet Studio. MaNaBu (Japanese: “To learn”) is an edutainment platform for children, ages 3–9, and their parents. The platform teaches on global issues and closely related topics. It consists of a cartoon series, mobile games, storybooks and merchandise.

The founders/producers gathered an experienced 9-member team to bring their vision to life. Their aim is to encourage curiosity and inspire action on global issues in 2.2B+children and their families. With the end goal of investing in children today to become leaders of tomorrow.

Whilst on Storytek the team has also finalised the multiplatform project &Black&White, an animated series that plays with visual perception as well as an educational puzzle game and App, which is ready for launch.


An Estonian project, The Anatomy of Decision investigates the aspects of collective choice and social compromise. Cabaret Rhizome’s 64 scenarios are played out on stage but transcend the fourth wall and include their audience through interactive storytelling devices.

Their nine-person team is looking to expand their horizons and develop their vision into a franchise and production-ready format for the benefit of the whole world.


Fanvestory’s Estonian team has set out to do no less than challenge how the music industry conducts its business. By allowing the audience to become stakeholders in and connect with their favorite artists, they’re challenging the dynamics of this slice of the creative landscape.

The team, made up by eight people, empower the artists and their fans through sharing royalties and creating a straightforward fundraising option, and also create a marketing channel that takes advantage of the future’s digital tools.


Estonian Global Technology Makers’ platform GoShareWork harnesses the power of the peer-to-peer approach, connecting expertise with demand. Mainly targeting vocational school students and homeowners, the project creates an ecosystem that can place the know-how at the fingertips of those who need it.

A team with a background in vocational education and marketing, and roots in the creative (through film and TV) and structured (through app development) set out to build on the power that community and peer-to-peer solutions provide.