Storytek_ Accelerator

  • 10 weeks mentor-driven accelerator with global reach for early seed companies in the audiovisual, creative and supporting tech industries
  • 10-20 teams in each semester 
  • 5 residents will proceed to the business development residency program, lasting up to 3 years 

Our focus areas are:



What we offer:

Storytek carefully selects companies with viable tech in key niches within the creative industries. We then support the startups to scale and best exploit their IP.
The focus is on the sweet spots of opportunity for industry disruption in creative industries & unparalleled collaborations between tech/creatives.
Each company gets support to build a solid set of brand assets from language to look and feel, as well as key process elements such as creative and hr briefs.
Every startup is unique so Storytek designs a TAILORMADE program for each company.