It’s the greatest time to be a #futureofcontent innovator

Storytek is a one of a kind #futureofcontent accelerator and creative innovation hub, based in Tallinn, Estonia. Storytek brings together deep audiovisual sector knowledge, technology and funding with a selection of tech entrepreneurs and content creators.  The purpose of Storytek_ is to help creatives and early-stage companies to develop business and fast-track their content, products, and services to the global markets. We are offering a challenging 10-week program to build the platforms and content for tomorrow together. Storytek_ also gives access to Estonian e-residency  – the newest way of running a business for the digital generation.

Estonia is a world leader in fostering remote business initiatives, innovation and digital tools and is a natural fit for the ecosystem of next-generation creatives. Storytek_ is looking for content-centric companies with strong tech component (curation, financing, copyright etc.) and startups that are developing technology and hardware (VR, AR, 3D) for the creative industries. 


What do we do?

  • 2 x year x 10-week Accelerator for global startups and scalable creative projects in content, creativity, IP & media tech verticals
  • Innovation Consultancy ecosystem for exponential growth focus startups and vertical-related corporations & enterprises
  • R&D lab for public-private partnerships and cutting-edge IP & media tech projects
  • Networking  & business platform between Europe x Asia.

Who are the founders?

Storytek was founded in 2017 by private investors, and the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, one of the top 15 film events in the world. Our aim was to create an innovation hub and the business booster for storytellers and startups and set them to succeed at the times of the Second Machine Age and the exponential growth.
Storytek founders have some 25-years experience in all media verticals – from music, film, publishing, delivery and related tech. We have come to believe that it is the best time ever for storytellers and innovators.


We’ve created Storytek because


Great storytelling needs outstanding tech and great tech needs outstanding storytelling


What do I need to take part in Storytek?

  • Audiovisual /multiformat prototype or tech project
  • A globally adaptable concept, product or service
  • A pitch deck with project or MVP, audiences and the product/financials roadmap
  • IP owned by the teams allowing investments
  • Great team, with go to market experience
  • Read & understood Accelerator Terms & Conditions
  • Filled and submitted the Application Form

How to reach us?

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